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Answers below should help with most questions you might have. Otherwise, please use the contact page


Buy / scan / print

Print your tickets at home or simply download them onto your smartphone and scan them at the venue gates. Please bear in mind that 1 (one) page is 1 (one) ticket! Each scan will work only once, of course! Did you think we’re stupid? And you know what? You’ve just saved money: no shipping cost!

Ticket can be conveniently purchased right here on this website. We accept Visa or MasterCard. You receive your tickets by e-mail and every ticket is featuring a unique and personalized QR-code. Do not buy a ticket from ticket touts on the street or from dubious vendors on the net (e.g Viagogo, eBay…). These tickets may be false so that you might be denied access to the venue.


Can I buy a gift voucher?

Absolutely! Just click on this link & follow the steps – it will be in your inbox in a matter of seconds. The voucher can be redeemed for all upcoming shows and is valid for one year period. Gift it to me, baby (uh-huh, uh-huh)!


Where is den Atelier?

Rue de Hollerich, 54 in Luxembourg-City, 200m from main railway station. Check here for a map.
Use Bus line 125/1 HOLLERICH, P+R Bouillon Station Fonderie.


Where can I park my car?

You should use public transport, for chrissake! Public transport is free of charge in the whole Grand Duchy of Luxembourg! Info on car parks in the neighborhood on this map.
More details about the closest parking spots convenient for people with disabilities can be found here.


What time does the show/party start/end?

At our venue den Atelier, doors open for shows in general at 7.00pm and shows normally end around 11.00pm. There are, of course, exceptions to every rule. So please always check the precise timing of a show that has grabbed your attention. Door opening times are always announced on our website. Parties always start at 10.00pm and never end… at least not until dawn.


Is online shopping safe?

Absolutely. When you proceed with your payment, you will be redirected to the online credit card processing company Six Payment Service, a Worldline company. They use the well-known Thawte certified SSL-encrypted software programs that encrypt all the data you provide.


Where can I buy a ticket?

For shows held at den Atelier, you can purchase your ticket though our own homepage by credit card or Digicash • If you want to buy tickets for shows held at Rockhal, Luxexpo or Abbaye Neumünster etc, you can also check the following sales points: FNAC Nancy, Metz and everywhere in France and Belgium +33 (0) 142313228 (also available: all A-shows from French artists) • Ticketnet All Virgin Megastore, Auchan, Leclerc in France (also available: all A-shows from French artists) • Eventim/CTS (also available: all A-shows from German artists) • Ticket Regional (also available: all A-shows from German artists).


Alternatively, you can also swing by den Atelier on show days between 7 PM and 9 PM to buy tickets for all upcoming shows promoted by den Atelier. We accept all cards and cash. Simply come say hello at our box office, and they’ll help you out. Bear in mind that our box office is only open on show days, and you don’t need tickets for the evening’s performance to come to the box office.


What can I do with my ticket in case the show is postponed or cancelled?

If the show has been postponed to another date, you do not have to do anything. Your ticket remains valid for that new date and you’ll be informed by e-mail. In case a show is being cancelled, your ticket will be refunded. Date, billing or venue changes are not a valid reason for a refund. Refunds will be made at the points of sale where the tickets have initially been purchased. If the ticket has been purchased online at, you will automatically be refunded onto your credit card account. Only the face value of the ticket is subject to a refund (that does not include presale tax and/or system fee). In the event of a cancellation or date change, travel/hotel expenses are not being reimbursed. Ticketholders are requested to inform themselves before commencement of travel if a show is going ahead as planned. The website is being updated regularly in this regard.


Can I bring my children to the show? Are there age restrictions for shows and/or parties?

For shows, children below 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. Children also need to have a ticket. Children under 3 years of age will not be admitted to the venue unless otherwise specified in the event specific communication (i.e. family entertainment productions).
We strongly recommend kids to use ear plugs (available at the venue).


Can I rent the A?

Yes you can, under certain conditions. Please get in touch via our contact form.


Where can I have something to eat?

At most of the shows organized at den Atelier you will conveniently find a food truck in the courtyard.


Where can I have a smoke?

Smoking is not allowed in the venue. However, it’s permitted in the courtyard.


Where can I leave my jacket?

In our (secured) cloakroom for the cost of €2.00. Unfortunately, the amount of space is limited. Make sure to arrive on time so as to have more luck, especially during the winter.


Who will take care of me?

If you think the show is too loud, despite the special attention we pay to it, please feel free to ask for earplugs at the cloakroom. In case of a faint, nosebleed or another discomfort (or possibly more serious things), you can always call upon our house show safety team. All of them are trained to give you professional assistance.


I am a disabled person. Can I come to a show?

The main hall is at ground-floor level and has good wheelchair access. Our show safety team will gladly help you to get to the club, we also have specially equipped toilet facilities.


Who can I give my demos, CDs or biography to?

Many bands/artists/performers want to play den Atelier, but we obviously cannot accommodate everyone who is sending us their press package. Many of those acts are impossible to host for a show, not because they are not talented, but because they are not appropriate for the club at present. Please keep this in mind when you undertake the effort to send us your kit.
Send your material labelled with the name of the band, phone number and/or e-mail address to: den Atelier, attn. booking, po box 1371, L-1013 Luxembourg, GD of Luxembourg. Or send us a mail with mp3s to [email protected]. We listen to everything that is being sent to us. If we can arrange something, we will contact you.


can I bring my dog along? or my guinea pig?

No, you cannot! In everybody’s interest, pets are not allowed at den Atelier.


Can I take pictures?

Without prior written authorization by record label or artist management, professional cameras are strictly prohibited inside the venue. Video or audio recording devices are not allowed either and can be seized by artist tour-management or promoter.


When did the Atelier open?

The idea to start up a live music club in Luxembourg came into our minds in the beginning of the 90’s. Why did all the international bands play Brussels, Paris or London? Regular short trips to the Ancienne Belgique (Brussels), the Botanique (Brussels), the Vooruit (Gent), the Bataclan (Paris), the E-Werk (Cologne) or the Paradiso in Amsterdam provided the inspiration. These venues, in a way, stand as the godfathers of the idea of building up den Atelier in Luxembourg as it stands today.
A suitable space was needed and they certainly do not come in dozens in case you unveil your plan to boost massive amounts of dB’s into a hangar in the middle of an inhabited neighbourhood… Eventually, the right spot had been found: a former Renault truck garage in the lively Luxembourg-City suburb of Hollerich, commonly called ‘Downtown’.
During the hot ‘n’ sweaty summer of 1995, the former workshop (‘atelier’ in French – ah, that’s where the name comes from… underwent a complete D.I.Y. restoration.
den Atelier finally opened its doors on 23rd October 1995. The opening night had been heavily boosted by the national press (thanks for that!) and turned out to be a huge success.


Sustainable Cup System & SuperDrécksKëscht fir Betriber

At our venue, we have implemented a deposit system to encourage responsible use of cups and glasses while also promoting sustainability. Under this system, every cup or glass provided to our customers is subject to a €2 deposit fee. The cups or glasses collected are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized for reuse. This reduces waste and promotes environmental sustainability.

The label ‘SuperDrecksKëscht fir Betriber’ is a recognised quality label granted to businesses that have adopted an environmentally friendly waste management plan. The ISO 14024 label is granted by the Environment Agency (Administration de l’environnement), the Chamber of Skilled Trades and Crafts (Chambre des Métiers) and the Chamber of Commerce (Chambre de Commerce).


What does the A look like?

Have a look here.


Where can I find them?

You can read our terms & conditions here.

Our privacy policy can be found right here.


The A wants to thank:

All of those who believed in the project from the start (and there were not many in fact), the friends that helped us to build the place, our mothers that had the cool idea to infant us… Let us not forget all the media that help us out getting in touch with people. We also want to thank the City of Luxembourg for supporting us and the many artists that push life and atmosphere into our venue, not to forget all our webmasters and consultants for getting us online: we believe you that we’re not easy to work with, everyone who has ever tried, said just that… We’ve tried not to forget anybody, if we did, never mind…


Questions or remarks about den Atelier in general?

Use our contact form or the phone and dial +352 495 485-1, or send us a letter at: den Atelier bp 1371 L1013 Luxembourg


Does den Atelier accept my KULTURPASS?

den Atelier & Kulturpass have a collaborative partnership. This alliance aims to enhance access to Luxembourg’s cultural offerings for individuals with modest incomes, aligning with Kulturpass’s mission of inclusivity. The partnership signifies den Atelier’s commitment to ensuring diverse cultural experiences are accessible to all, reflecting a shared vision for a more inclusive cultural landscape.

Kulturpass can be directly purchased on our website, as long as they are available. If no ‘Kulturpass’ price type is visible, it means there are no Kulturpass left for this show. The purchaser must present a valid Kulturpass and ID at the box office on show day.


I have a hearing impairment. How can I still enjoy the show?

Den Atelier is proud to start a collaboration with Hörgeschädigten Beratung SmH, fostering inclusivity and enhancing the enjoyment of live events for all.

Den Atelier introduces “Immersive Live®”, a groundbreaking audio-tactile system built upon SubPac® technology. This innovative system is dedicated to making events such as concerts, dance performances, and more accessible to audiences with hearing impairments. Through “Immersive Live®”, individuals can experience the sensation of bass frequencies through high-fidelity physical sound, creating an immersive experience that remains silent to the outside world.
Information and registration via
(limited capacity per show, registration necessary)


Can I buy tickets directly at den Atelier?

Yes, you can! While the easiest way remains to directly buy tickets on our website, you can also swing by den Atelier’s box office on show days, between 7 PM and 9 PM, to purchase tickets for all upcoming shows promoted by den Atelier.

We gladly accept payment via cards, credit cards, and cash. Conveniently situated at the entrance of our courtyard, our box office welcomes you on concert days, even if you haven’t yet secured a ticket for the evening’s performance.

Please note that your tickets will be delivered electronically to the email address provided during the booking process. As part of our eco-friendly initiative, den Atelier’s box office does not distribute physical tickets.