October 19, 2009

Maximo Park

at den Atelier Doors: 7:00 pm


Maximo Park’s ascent into the big time is unstoppable! Newcastle based five-piece Maximo Park bring their insightful sound and flamboyant frontman Paul Smith back to den Atelier. His rampant leaping and freaky dancing is legendary… He’s bursting to break free of the stages’ confines and that makes him one of the best frontmen of his generation. Maximo Park have learnt to encapsulate their audience. The art-rockers create an explosive blend of experimental pop and driving powerchords. Their edgy and addictive style sounds like a cross between Franz Ferdinand, Interpol and The Strokes. Maximo Park is known to deliver 110% on stage… And with a setlist featuring tracks such as Graffiti, Going Missing, Girls Who Play Guitars, Books From Boxes or the latest single The Kids Are Sick Again – from the current album Quicken The Heart – we’re announcing one of the best live shows all year! Take our word for it!


  • Venue: den Atelier
  • Where: 54 rue de Hollerich, 1740 Luxembourg
  • Doors: 7:00 pm