March 30, 2017

New Wave

Las Aves

at Rotondes Doors: 8:00 pm


Las Aves are like a gang from the future. Mysterious, avant-garde,… Their first album, Die In Shanghai, comes as a blazing manifesto, unveiling a resolutely new kind of pop. White clothing, tattoos and arty imagery all set the tone for a disconcertingly modern sound. To make the album, the band brought together an exclusive team with, among others, the visionary Dan Levy (one half of the duo The Do) for the production and Indonesian artist Ferry Gouw (the creative brain behind Major Lazer). On stage, the band is turning the songs quite suddenly into unstoppable monsters, crushing everything in their path. Their fiery energy is irresistible, and it’s impossible not to embrace the electric harmony they’ve become known for.


  • Venue: Rotondes
  • Where: Place des Rotondes, 2448 Luxembourg
  • Doors: 8:00 pm