January 17, 2009

King’s X

at den Atelier Doors: 7:00 pm


Ty Tabor, Doug Pinnick and Jerry Gaskill… Few hard rock bands are as widely respected as King’s X. The trio seems destined for the big time with their irresistible blend of melodic Beatlesque harmonies, metallic riffing, and prog rock detours, yet for reasons unknown, never truly broke through to a mainstream audience. King’s X received a pleasant accolade from their peers when they were voted as one of the “25 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock” on a VH1 TV special. The long time fans of King’s X are more loyal than rabid dogs who haven’t been fed in two months. Their fifteenth album, XV shows off the superior craftsmanship and rock-solid chemistry that King’s X have displayed since their inception. To this day, you have never seen a tighter band live! Long live the Kings…


  • Venue: den Atelier
  • Where: 54 rue de Hollerich, 1740 Luxembourg
  • Doors: 7:00 pm