August 16, 2010


at den Atelier Doors: 7:00 pm


Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory are back, invading the international radio charts with their new album Head First and the current single Rocket. It’s been 10 years since Goldfrapp the duo released their phenomenal debut album Felt Mountain, and in that time whatever musical direction Alison and her production partner Will have gone – electroclash, glam-rock, folktronica, whatever – there have been no shortage of admirers and imitators in their wake. Now the time has come for them to collect their dues. Head First, though, is basically an upbeat electro-pop record with one foot in the ’80s. And bringing roller-disco synth-pop motifs out of mothballs has given the UK duo their most immediately entertaining album since 2005 electro-glam juggernaut Supernature. Goldfrapp do spectacle like few else. Whether in the clown robes and animal masks of Goldfrapp’s expert live shows, or the sharp-edged sound design of an eclectic discography, they treat pop as a form of not just communication, but presentation.


  • Venue: den Atelier
  • Where: 54 rue de Hollerich, 1740 Luxembourg
  • Doors: 7:00 pm