July 18, 2019

Hip Hop


at Festival de Wiltz Doors: 7:00 pm


This show is part of the Festival de Wiltz 2019 and supported by POST & RAIFFEISEN:

The trip-hop duo Morcheeba has sold shows all over the world, including a brilliant one at a packed den Atelier in May 2018. Now, the group around the singer Skye Edwards and guitarist/keyboard player Ross Godfrey, are heading ones more to Luxembourg for a show in an unique setting:  an open-air show at the Wiltz Castle.

Their latest album “Blaze Away” must be considered as a reboot, but also as a return to their roots; the London club scene. The sound is heavier on the guitar, rougher than ever, absolutely forward-looking, but also combines elements of 1950s blues, psychedelic rock from the 60s with reggae dub from the 70s and electro hip-hop from the 80s and 90s. Well, the best of all decades with the typical & unique Morcheeba touch!