March 12, 2022


2000s Party

at den Atelier Doors: 10:00 pm


Oops! We Did It Again…after the glorious 80’s and the notorious 90’s parties, it’s time to have a Beautiful Day by finally celebrating the 2000’s! Make sure to bring your Seven Nation Army, and as this party is a Family Affair you can also bring your uncle, cousins and grand-parents (as long as they are over 21 years of age). But please, leave your 99 Problems and Umbrella at home. Dresscode: Back To Black is always classy, but this decade is hellofalotta fun so you better put your Pokerface on, or even better show us your inner and outter Mr. Brightside! And don’t forget, there is only one rule In Da Club: Hips Don’t Lie! Bye Bye Bye and see you on March 12th !


  • Venue: den Atelier
  • Where: 54 rue de Hollerich, 1740 Luxembourg
  • Doors: 10:00 pm
  • Promoter: Hootenanny
  • Schedule: doors: 22h00
  • Extra Info: This is a CovidCheck event