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    The Four Owls - ‘Natural Order’ Tour

    Hip Hop from UK

    at den Atelier
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den Atelier & BILproudly present

Whether as a collective or on their individual merits, the reputation of The Four Owls cannot be messed with, nor questioned, now more so than ever. With the imminent release of their second album entitled 'Natural Order', The Four Owls are perched, ready to swoop in for the kill, and in true Owl fashion, the prey (the listener) will have no idea what hit them. As classic as it was, it seems their first record, the wildly popular 'Nature's Greatest Mystery', was simply a stepping stone to this point, luring in the listeners to what certainly is the next level, and true of all great predators, by this point its too late to escape.

As one would expect the four seasoned MC's, Fliptrix, Leaf Dog, Verb T & BVA all deliver the goods. Now a tightly knit unit after a few years on the road together, their chemistry on and off stage is unparalleled, and their conceptual approach is sharper than ever. Tackling subjects from assassinations, heartfelt confessions, to prejudice and karma to absolutely everything in between the Owls have produced one of the most cohesive albums in recent times, hitting the nail on the head with each track. Carrying on the tradition begun on 'Nature's Greatest Mystery', label mates Dirty Dike and Jam Baxter both make appearances once more, newcomer Smellington Piff is also added to the mix. The album is jam packed to the brim with that soulful sound, Leaf Dog leaves no stone unturned production wise, proving to be a true master of his craft, and has created an album that unfolds like a classic… Like all REAL classics past, present and future; the legendary DJ Premier is involved in some shape or form. High Focus Records is proud to announce that this album is no exception to the golden rule, as the colossal 'Think Twice' is produced by the man himself, serving as the cherry on top to to this modern day masterpiece.

The Four Owls are Hip Hops top predator and they are here to restore the 'Natural Order' amongst the chaos.

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