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    Hip Hop Invazion - Winter Edition

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 N.L.P (UK)

L'or du commun est un groupe de Hip Hop fondé au printemps 2012 à Bruxelles composé de 4 mc's : Primero (Premier d'classe), Loxley, Swing et Féléflingue. Dj GoodFellaz les accompagne sur les scènes. Ils ont sorti leur premier projet "L'origine" en septembre 2013, produit par L'oeil écoute laboratoire. En décembre 2013 Roméo Elvis, le grand compagnon de scène du groupe sort un EP "Bruxelles c'est devenu la jungle" en collaboration avec L'or du commun, produit par Le Seize de La Cezarienne Rekordz.

Smellington Piff began his musical career as a techno DJ (DJ Welly) age 6 on the illegal free party scene. Hailing from his caravan, Piff was Raised as a new age traveler and after gaining the Guiness world record title of youngest DJ in the World and years of touring around the world he retired from the scene age 13, switching his musical interests to hiphop and rapping.

The group NLP (OAB, Sean Peng, Eric The Red & Smellington) formed in 2012 and began recording material. After hearing some of these recordings Leaf Dog decided to make an album with Piff which they began work on immediately and he became the first outside signing onto the label. They decided to drop the ‘Smellington Piff EP’ first to build hype for the forthcoming LP entitled Notice of Eviction, set to be released in 2014.

Jack Jetson is from Nottingham and currently resides in Birmingham. Jack released his ‘High Five’ e.p in 2012 as a free download and since then has been working with Leaf Dog on the album ‘Adventures of Johnny Strange’ dropping 12th May 2014.

Eloquent ist ein Rapper aus Wiesbaden/Deutschland, nicht zu verwechseln mit der Future-Pop-Band aus den USA.
Eloquent hat sich jetzt zum zweiten Mal mit I.L.L. Will zusammengetan und den Nachfolger zu Skizzen in Blau geschaffen.“Skizzen In Grau” erschienen am 13.10.2014 via Sichtexot Label auf Vinyl LP inkl. digitalem Download. Hiob und Loki (Luk&Fil) sowie Mirko Machine, Anthony Drawn und Daniel Kimaz sind als Featuregäste auf der Platte vertreten!

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