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In 2003, BlabberMouf started practicing and cultivating the art of rapping. Hanging around in the park, cyphering with his crew Het VerZet, he steadily perfected his craft and soon he was making a name as an energetic and live MC. In 2008 Propo'88 was introduced to Het VerZet by MC Astronout. This sparked an ongoing collaboration between Propo and Blabber that continues to this very day. In 2009 BlabberMouf, Propo'88 and Corown Da Sensei sat down and founded Da Shogunz, a crew that would function as an independent music group to its members. In 2011, The Fastforward Remix was released, functioning as a preview to BlabberMouf's upcoming works such as the "From The Top Of The Stack" album that was released in October 2012.

In the winter of early 2013 BlabberMouf visits Russia with his crew Het VerZet. They perform shows in Moscow and St Petersburg with the Het VerZet album ‘Greatest Shits’. The small but growing and very dedicated fan base also embraces BlabberMouf’s personal music very much. His music circles around between Russia and The Netherlands and countries in between. Throughout his career, he performed at venues in Germany, Bulgaria, Greece, Lithuania and Poland.

In the spring of 2013, BlabberMouf and Het VerZet companion Ntan are invited to Switzerland for a show. During this trip, the idea of working on a project together is born. While working on this project, BlabberMouf slowly attracts more foreign ears to his music. Shows in Germany, Bulgaria and Lithuania are a fact. The new limited vinyl release of Ntan & BlabberMouf’s “Start From Skratch” EP is pressed and distributed by the German Vinyl-Digital.com. No better way to end the year.

For 2014 BlabberMouf focuses on making new music and travelling more tounexplored countries to share it. Also by being engaged by Step Forward Bookings in Cologne Germany, more trips to the east will be made to ‘Boogie Wit DaRuffneck’.



Split Prophets are a Hip Hop collective from Bristol in the South of England. They came to the scene in 2011 with their E.P. Scribbled Thoughts with a host of music videos and fresh talent. 

Since 2011 Split Prophets have gone from being an act to watch out for, to some of the UK's most respected and revered emcees. Not just as a collective, but also as solo artists, collaborating with some of Great Britain's hip hop heavy weights such as Mystro, Life Mc, Evil Ed and more, as well as collaborations with international artists such as the BDC crew from Athens, Greece, and Dizzy Dustin from California's Ugly Duckling. 

In 2012, Wordplay, the UK's leading hip hop culturemagazine voted Split Prophets the best crew of the year, as well as Datkid taking video of the year with 'Home By 8' and nearly scraping album of the year.There was a continuation of steady releases and videos throughout 2012 into 2013, backed by a steady flow of shows up and down the country and abroad. Split Prophets supported some of Hip Hops legends, from both the UK and overseas. Some of these acts included: Wu Tang, KRS One, MF Doom, Akil the Mc (Jurassic5), R.A The Rugged man, DJ Premier, Mad Professor, Pete Rock, Immortal Technique, Masta Ace, Jehst, Phi Life Cypher, Taskforce, Klashnekoff, Stig of The Dump, Genesis Elijah and many more. This year will see the ongoing barrage of new music and productivity for Split Prophets, including a selection of international shows and multiple releases, as well as shows up and down the country. 




It really is all or nothing when it comes to the one they call Mr Dikestar; he never has been one for half measures in either his booze drink selection or music making. In an age where everyone thinks they can rap, Dike’s dedication to this thing called hip hop is as driven and focussed as you will ever see from anyone daring to call themselves a lyricist.

Either spouting the type of filth that is completely unimaginable to the average human brain or confronting the life demons that have made him the person he is today, Dirty Dike has galvanised a significant following across the globe with the diverse seesawing he cultivates between these two distinct, yet equally potent sides to his music making. It is this inspired marrying between the two aforementioned sides that has made his music so in-demand and celebrated. Both sides of Dike shine on each and every album he has ever championed and the power struggle between the two continues to flourish in all his future album plans.

Dirty Dike first rose to prominence with his acclaimed debut solo album ‘Bogies and Alcohol’. This was way back 2008. Aggressive expansion saw Dike later join forces with Jam Baxter, Ronnie Bosh, Mr Key and Edward Scissortongue to form the much heralded hip hop super outfit Contact Play whose debut release ‘Champion Fraff’ was swiftly hailed as one of the most exciting releases that the UK Hip Hop scene had witnessed in years. The success of Champion Fraff, plus the potent addition of solo sophomore follow up ‘Constant Dikestar’ and most recently the gloriously received ‘Sloshpot EP’ to his catalogue of releases, has seen Dike grow from a rambunctious twenty-something into one of the most talked about emcees in the game. 



Fliptrix has spent the last few years of his life defining his position as one of the most forward-thinking emcees in the game.

Founder of UKHH stalwart High Focus Records, Fliptrix can lay claim to being one of the key players in the re-birth of a scene that lost its way ever so slightly. Running on nothing but positive vibes and a firm belief in the music, everything he has put his mind to has come good in one way or another; launching High Focus Records, establishing his own successful studio and High Focus HQ, clocking over 9 and a half million hits (and counting) on his HFTV YouTube channel, releasing a string of seminal albums, selling out venues on a regular basis displaying his lyrical abilities to an ever expanding fan base.


After 15 years of riding the cusp of the UK Hip Hop wave with stamps of approval from all the major movements in independent UK hip Hop throughout the years, Low Life Records, YNR Productions and now the colossal High Focus Records, Verb T has indeed Remained. He is then, he is now and he remains as hungry as ever. Verb T is one of the most prolific Hip Hop artists in the UK and a member of supergroup The Four Owls, he has worked with most of the biggest names in UK Hip Hop including Jehst, Sway, Harry Love and many more. Verbs is an artist with a unique style and lyrical outlook embracing classic 90′s U.S Hip Hop as well as experimenting with new styles with his own production. Noted influences include artists such as Slick Rick, Al Green, De La Soul, and Jimi Hendrix. Verb T music has covered topics of social awareness, paranoia, drug addiction and self improvement.

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