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Telepathy (UK)

-> the kind of thing your mother warned you about. Math influenced sludge metal, intricate soundscapes and a bucketload of riffs!
ROCKSOUND magazine - November 2011"8/10 - With their "Fracture" E.P, Telepathy have created an impressively tight piece of instrumental progressive metal... A headbangers journey from start to finish.." - "Telepathy is a metal band through and through, but they have the beauty and intelligentsia to rise above any run-of-the-mill, open-D chugging whiners that pervade the current scene." - "... One minute peaceful and the next pure chaos. The guys are hugely talented musicians. I can't fault this EP one bit"  

Three Thrones (UK)
Three Thrones was formed in January 2011.
Consisting of three gents, each with the same love of progressive and sludgy music, we aim to deliver hefty portions of dark, melodic and heavy audio meat packages - cured in Essex.
They want to gig extensively, record their chronicles and trouble your senses...

"These four pieces all display a true enthusiast’s feel for the melodic, rhythmic and textural elements that make a riff both compelling, and heavy as fuck... There are three pairs of hands on one sledgehammer here, driving musical meanings so far into the earth that they become a part of it. This is a sonically intense EP, with playing as solid as masonry, and dramatically involving compositions that are as emotionally generous as they are formally creative." - Oli Arditi (

"Three Thrones is a twisted album of heavy and catchy jams after jams after jams. The band progresses so many times in each song, you soon forget how the beginning of each track started as. The band doesn’t take itself too seriously either which sees the band taking song directions into unpredictable turns...'Three Thrones' is a monster. It’s as simple as that. Even if you’re only a little bit into doom or sludge metal, you’ll be a fool not to give this album a chance. I honestly can’t see these guys staying unsigned for long." - Rich at Metal Recusants (

Buteo Buteo (LUX)

Buteo Buteo is a new Luxembourgish progressive rock band, that consists of 2 guitarists and one drummer. Already described by fans as having "more flavours than a bag of assorted sweets", this 3-piece plays a blend of various styles that fuses into a psychedelic "tour de force". With this project the 3 musicians (Benjamin Renz: guitar; Claude Schaus: drums; Regis Rolando: guitar, MicroKorg) who are working as part time music teachers in private music schools, are combining their many influences, and interests. They are using this "melange" of many different styles to achieve a musical freedom, without boundaries, where anything is possible!


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