Talisco’s second album, Capitol Vision, illustrates the last three years, his California immersion, his love story with LA, the tours around the world and the diving deep into the recording studio. Scathing guitars, metal chords, never mechanical, electronic blows and indie-pop hymns... He is back from his American journey. Talisco, the “street artist” with musical brushes, has created a rich urban mural full of colours and humanity. Storyboarder as much as storyteller, the musician/film maker creates magnificent sets and records according to the light of the day or night, between sunsets and downtown club neon lights from L.A., New York or Berlin.

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Atelier News

  • Casper, schedule March 4th at Rockhal, has been postponed to November 2nd!!


    23.11.2016 @ 16:32

  • We got the Party? You got the Party!! First 2000's Party on Jan 28th at the A on sale NOW!!!

    10.11.2016 @ 11:35

  • New shows on sale this morning: DEFTONES | THE TEMPER TRAP | NICK WATERHOUSE!! 3 bands, 3 venues <3

    28.10.2016 @ 10:12

  • New shows announced: SUM 41 at Rockhal!! And 257ers at den Atelier!!

    10.10.2016 @ 10:36

  • ATTENTION! We're changing the schedule for shows at den Atelier!


    01.09.2016 @ 14:34

We were scared, We walked on, We felt love, We drank wine, We will be back!

Turin Brakes (19/12/2007)