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The jazz saxophonist and Kendrick Lamar collaborator Kamasi Washington is a magnet — whether it’s his stature or his playing, you can’t help but notice him. He's in the spotlight. Music has taken a pivotal role in promoting racial equality in the US. What has been dubbed “the second civil rights movement” is unfolding, like the first, against a backdrop of music. The Epic, Kamasi Washington's groundbreaking solo album, is part of all this. His own band “The Next Step” is a modern spin on a big band, with two drummers, two upright bass players, 3 horns, piano and vocals.

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  • The A goes GALAXIE for the first time ever with QUEEN + ADAM LAMBERT on Nov 12th!! Tickets are available NOW!

    21.04.2017 @ 11:09

  • ARCADE FIRE will play at Rockhal on July 8th! Catch 'em on a 360° stage in the middle of the crowd!!

    29.03.2017 @ 10:37

  • Check out our ALL NEW festival SIREN'S CALL! Taking place on June 24th in Lux City! This is going to be #indie awesome!

    21.03.2017 @ 14:04

  • All of our 2017 Neumünster Abbey shows announced: CAMILLE on Jul 6th | ALT-J on Jul 13th | PASSENGER on Jul 18th!!

    07.03.2017 @ 09:58

  • GENTLEMAN is returning with his MTV Unplugged Tour & Special Guests!! Grab your tix for Dec 21st at Rockhal NOW!!

    09.02.2017 @ 14:09

  • Casper, schedule March 4th at Rockhal, has been postponed to November 2nd!!


    23.11.2016 @ 16:32

  • ATTENTION! We're changing the schedule for shows at den Atelier!


    01.09.2016 @ 14:34