Blossoms, this year's biggest guitar-pop shooting stars, are currently top of the album charts in the UK after their eponymous record debuted at No.1, and they've received wide-spread critical acclaim from the likes of MOJO, NME, The Evening Standard, The Independent, plus many more... Blossoms leap from their chart-bound Trojan horse as modernist rock heroes and are scheduled to play a first Luxembourg show.

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Atelier News

  • Casper, schedule March 4th at Rockhal, has been postponed to November 2nd!!


    23.11.2016 @ 16:32

  • We got the Party? You got the Party!! First 2000's Party on Jan 28th at the A on sale NOW!!!

    10.11.2016 @ 11:35

  • New shows on sale this morning: DEFTONES | THE TEMPER TRAP | NICK WATERHOUSE!! 3 bands, 3 venues <3

    28.10.2016 @ 10:12

  • New shows announced: SUM 41 at Rockhal!! And 257ers at den Atelier!!

    10.10.2016 @ 10:36

  • ATTENTION! We're changing the schedule for shows at den Atelier!


    01.09.2016 @ 14:34


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