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    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

    at den Atelier
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The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - named after the gang in the Brando-centric film The Wild One - meander along in a world seemingly ruled by simple rock 'n' roll riffs, snatches of psychedelia, words sung in a bored and lazy manner and, quite possibly, heavy downers. That said, their music is as addictive as the drugs they may or may not be on, with expert builds, solid musicianship and a consistent mood throughout. B.R.M.C. and their sharp-edged guitars suddenly come to revive the flame of noisy rock in the great tradition of The Jesus & Mary Chain, Velvet Underground, Joy Division or Killing Joke. The band possesses the ardour of its youth, and their steps which are authentic above all, have no mission other than to take over the torch of their illustrious predecessors and to perpetuate the tradition of savage rock, antipodal to some of the aseptic productions of the moment.

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